no one should be judge in his own cause

Cf. the Latin legal maxim: nemo debet esse iudex in propria causa, no one should be judge in his own cause; also 1604 SHAKESPEARE Measure for Measure v. i. 166 In this I’ll be impartial; be you judge Of your own cause.

c 1449 R. PECOCK Repressor of Blaming of Clergy (1860) II. 381 Noman oughte be iuge in his owne cause which he hath anentis [against] his neighbour.

1775 WESLEY Letter 3 Nov. (1931) VI. 186 No man is a good judge in his own cause. I believe I am tolerably impartial.

1928 Times 22 Aug. 9. The principle that no judge could be a judge in his own case was generally accepted. The chairman of a meeting was in a quasi-judicial capacity.

1981 Daily Telegraph 16 May 18 The maxim that no one should be judge in his own cause.

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